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"Trauma doesn't give us poetry. People do."

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019
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laureat official selection 2020 (orange)

About L'Arpège

“The release of L’Arpège is sure to wow audiences big and small! Bringing to life a colourful tale of grief, love and passion, Joshua Maheu’s most recent success will truly warm your heart.”

After locking herself from the outside world, a former deaf pianist begins to perceive the sounds around her as rays of colour – but this gift is not as radiant as it seems. Through connection and love, she will navigate the treacherous waters of confidence and true happiness.

Check out the latest trailer and find out when and where "L'Arpège" is playing near you.

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Montreal-born screenwriter/director Joshua Maheu’s mission is to showcase the stories of underrepresented voices. From people with differing abilities to Queer culture, Joshua aims to shape the world into a more inclusive place.


Joshua Maheu first pursued an educational path in Communications Studies at Concordia University, in Montreal, before fully committing to his passion of storytelling. Within his curriculum, his final film project S.U.G.A.R. (2017) truly led him to his filmic debut while winning his first award at the North American Film Awards.


After completing his bachelor’s degree, his pursuit took him to the sought-after Vancouver Film School where he completed a one-year film production degree. During said year, he wrote and directed his most recent award-winning success: L'Arpège (2019).

Having curated summers and worked at camps for children with disabilities for ten years, L’Arpège remains a truly introspective and intimate project. He wrote the piece as a response to the representation of people with disabilities in cinema.


Thus far, L'Arpège has won Best Soundtrack (2020 Reale Film Festival), Best Women's Short Film and a Jury Award for Best Student Film (2020 Uruvatti International Film Festival) along with six finalist awards for Best Short Film (i.e. Eurasia Fest 2020, Florence Film Festival 2019, 1904 Deaf Film Festival) and Audience's Choice (1904 Deaf Film Festival); while having accumulated multiple official selections worldwide.


As he is excited to conclude L’Arpège's festival run, Joshua is currently in the works of his first series, which has already won a Finalist Award for Best TV Script (2020 Wiki Screenwriting Contest) and was a Semifinalist in Screencraft's 2021 TV Pilot Competition.

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Critic Review

"Joshua Maheu, in a riot of colors, signs a jewel of short cinema, unique in its style. If the most surprising thing is the strong identity of the film, which distinguishes it from the thousands of other shorts produced every year, it is the sensitivity that then accompanies and cradles us for the rest of this wonderful film."

"With a somewhat naive style, “L’Arpège” paints (perhaps this is the most suitable term) an engaging and very delicate work, which becomes a much broader sensory experience than a simple cinematic story. Through this elaborate and exciting “mise en scene” the film is able to express with tender empathy the depth of memories, hope and the link that exists with creativity.

With a poetic and evidently mature visual narrative, the director reconstructs a small universe that seems only to touch reality, giving us a nostalgic and almost dreamlike atmosphere. Through this aesthetic filter, Joshua Maheu opens to us a glimpse of his imagination, and the cinematic experience becomes intimate and engaging, like a whispered secret. A praise to the soundtrack that not only enhances the narrative, but becomes a fundamental part of the script.

On the other hand, the dialogical structure is set on the same tone of music, in a perfect combination between music and silences, which perhaps reflect the whole nature of the protagonist. The film never seems to lose its balance, remaining in all its components perfectly in line with Maheu’s beautiful poetics. Thanks to this rare and exciting cinematic coherence, the short seems to last much longer, extending lightly on the notes of the piano, which remain in mind for a long time, after the end."

- Prisma Films Awards 2019

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Director's Statement

L’Arpège is all about connection. Connection with the self. Connection with others. Connection with our past.

It is about finding your inner light, with the guidance of external stimuli, through the darkest of times; allowing yourself to actualize your outlook on life as well as your confidence. 
We want to tell this story to help people grow. To heal. To understand their behaviour.

To allow people to witness how trauma does not have to take control over one’s life.

Rather, to see how the people we love can inspire us. Change us. Move us.

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Natasha Quirke


Born in Ireland and raised in the midlands, Natasha Quirke had dreams of becoming an actress from her earliest memories.

Quirke has always been inspired by some of the world's great directors, among them - Martin Scorsese, William Wyler, Jane Campion and Darren Aronofsky. The versatile actress discovered her love for acting and singing when she booked the role of 'Eliza Doolittle' from 'My Fair Lady' in a primary school musical.

Having appeared in hit television series such as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2018), When Calls The Heart (2016-2017) and The Tudors (2010), Natasha always brings high energy, experience and professionalism to set.

Marie Duprez


Born and raised in France, near Paris, Marie Duprez discovered acting at the age of 9. She practiced stage acting until she graduated from high school with a Performing Arts diploma.

She later enrolled in the Parisian acting school, Côté Cour, école de l'acteur, where she acquired professional training in stage and film acting alongside film directing.

She wrote and directed her 1st short movie in 2009, "Le mystère de l'Oiseau Bleu".

She has starred in multiple and enticing projects since then such as the television series Les pévétistes (2013-2014) and La fidélité (2014).

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Tanya Jutras


Tanya Jutras’ producing career began long before entering the world of film. Having been in leadership positions for years, her ascension to the filmic world felt simply natural.

Having produced short films for her circle, L’Arpège was the next step to elevate her career.

Alexandre Pilon

Director of Photography

Born in Ottawa, Alexandre’s filmic rearing includes dozens of shorts films and music videos alongside friends and peers. Alexandre is renowned for his aesthetic approach to character subjectivity and framing. Lighting the path for every one of Élyse's step, Alexandre remains a force to reckon with.


He is currently working on Joshua Maheu’s upcoming series.

Taryn Birkett

Production Designer

Originally from Toronto, Taryn’s artistic debut began when her work has won at the United Nations Alliance of Civilization’s Plural+ Youth Video Festival, in New York, in 2019. Since then, she has revitalized films who touch themes of feminism and black identity. Passionate and driven, Taryn meticulously built every little aspect of Élyse's colourful and quirky little world from the ground up.

She is currently working on Joshua Maheu’s upcoming series.

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Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019

Release Dates

laureat official selection 2020 (white).

Vancouver Short Film Festival

January 22, 2020

Uruvatti Film Festival

December 4, 2020

Seize The Film

September 23, 2020

Reale Film Festival

July 25, 2020

1904 Deaf Film Festival

May 30, 2020

"Eurasia Fest" International Film Festival

February15, 2020


Roma Independent Prisma Awards

January 5, 2020

Paris Lift-Off Online Festival (Private Event)

October 27, 2019

Florence Film Awards

October 6, 2019

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